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Wow, gained over 4,000 followers in a month! What should I do when I hit 60k? Giveaway? Contest?

  1. jonathangoldberg answered: Another get together at the whiskey brooklyn
  2. 3dorgasm answered: you should give a camera you dont use and follow at least ten people that message or reblogg your photos alot
  3. syarifmln answered: photography contest i thought
  4. pascalspedros answered: more lights pictures! ;D
  5. simplyxosms answered: Meet & greet!
  6. caliboardsfight answered: marry me?
  7. paintingtheroom answered: Post naked pictures!
  8. danlawsonphotography answered: Gear bag video?! Give away, contest?
  9. iamaxla answered: Giveaway :)
  10. coro0392 answered: yo creeria que concuros ,como para divertirse un rato
  11. illbesonic answered: allow me to be your apprentice? k, good.
  12. lisastarz answered: Contest! most creative picture? (:
  13. queensvision answered: Contest
  14. hattie-and-alysha answered: giveaways some awesome pictures of Hattie Watson and Alysha Nett! yes yes please
  15. 12dec83 answered: Giveaway! :)
  16. imthefuckinginfluence answered: giveaway!
  17. thefilmphotographydiary answered: giveaway ;)
  18. undergroundrenegade answered: tell something about the new Versa record! :)
  19. stableasthesea answered: contest ;D
  20. zar-loves-u answered: contest
  21. mikelernerphotography posted this
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